Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Been Awhile

It has been quite some time since I had a contest, so I'm launching one today.

Refer to yesterday's post. Beginning at the top photo, identify the breed of each chicken.

The only catch: I don't know the answers!

This is just a way to trick my more knowledgeable readers into telling me what I have here. According to the Murray McMurray website (from which I ordered the little critters), these are the possible answers:

Black Australorps
Lt. Brahmas
Dark Cornish
Black and White Giants
Buff and White Orpingtons
New Hampshire
Rhode Island Reds
Barred, White, Partridge, Buff Rocks
White, Silver Laced, & Colombian Wyandottes
Red Star
Black Star

I believe I have eight breeds here, including the wild-haired chick who is not a brown egg layer like the rest of them (and is therefore not listed above). As a matter of fact, I suspect that it might be a rooster.

So, those of you who are more familiar with poultry than I (which is probably the vast majority of my readership), please help me out here.

What in the world is in my chicken condo?


threecollie said...

1)Black australorps
2)Golden or gold laced Polish
3)Wyandotte not sure which
4)Black Giant
5)Hmmmblack chicken? lol
6)Buff Orpington
7)RI Red or NH
8)White giant
9)Red Star

These are pretty much all guesses...wild guesses. We used to love to get chicks from Murray McMurray too and always had great fun figuring out what the mixes were. I once entered buff orpingtons and buff rocks in the fair and got them all disqualified because I mixed them up. lol
This was a fun post, thanks!

Dawn said...

I won't even begin to try... it would all be guesses, and not even educated guesses!

This might be a stupid question... but seriously, they didn't label them somehow for you??

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that, I too, am completely useless in this catagory. My mother used to always get baby chicks and duckies in the spring via mail order which was so much fun, but I never learned to distinguish breeds. Hopefully someone will come along that knows better! :D

Anonymous said...

Here's my try at them:

#1 Sussex
#2 Dark Cornish
#3 Black Australorps
#4 Black Gaint
#5 Buff Orpington
#6 New Hampshire Red
#7 White Gaint
#8 Partridge Rocks

I only counted 8 pictures not including the first one with just the feet..


Treasia said...

Wish I knew something about chickens. LOL. They are great pictures. I may not comment a lot but I read you daily. Wanted to let you know I passed on a blog award to you. Stop by sometime and pick it up.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Black Australorps are beautiful black / siver feathered chickens and they lay a blue-green egg. I think the one chick may be an australorp chick. I used to have Black Australorps. They are great chickens! :-)

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