Friday, July 18, 2008


Imagine that this is your driveway.

This is your view.

This is your neighborhood.

This is your landscaping.



This was once reality for someone.

I find that difficult to comprehend. I think you would have to be pretty good friends with yourself to live like that. Makes me feel like we're not quite so isolated after all.



Anonymous said...

That's the kind of living my father-in-law would dream other people, just land to explore. I would like it for about 5 minutes and then I'd go stark. raving. mad. :)

Not Hannah said...

Goodness, what loveliness. Surfed onto here via the autism widget and I'm so glad I did! Your pictures are lovely...can't wait to see more.

Prairie Chick said...

Love that canyon, and those trees. A corner of God's universal yard. How beautiful.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It IS beautiful!

April said...

That is an interesting concept!

In any case, how beautiful?!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Amazing. Astounding.

Can I move in with y'all?

threecollie said...

Very lovely photographs, even if I guess I would prefer a little more company than that.

Anonymous said...

I love it.. It is so pretty up your way!


Heather H said...

That is totally how my dad would live if he could! My husband's grandparents used to have a cabin way out in the middle of no where and there were a few old places just like that and like you I would think, wow how did people live like that?!

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