Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Collections and Recollections

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect coins. Others collect thimbles or shot glasses or spoons.

My husband collects tractors.

Given that he's a farmer, an occupation that requires tractors, I have never really objected to his purchases. I figured that they were necessary business expenses.

I'm beginning to question the legitimacy of his latest purchase, though.

No, that's not an image from days gone by. It's a picture of our most recent addition to the tractor collection.

It's a John Deere 70 diesel, manufactured in the mid-1950s.

He says he needed a smaller tractor to do jobs for which the bigger tractors aren't well suited. I think he just bought it to make the square baler look new.

But looking at it from this perspective, I am in awe of the simplicity of it. There are no digital readouts, no climate control buttons, no GPS units, no CD changers.

Farming has certainly evolved in the past 50 years.


Jenny said...

No air conditioner! IEEE!!!! LOL!

Bill Harshaw said...

When I saw the picture, I swore it was the tractor dad bought when we switched from horses. But no, ours was a 1950+ model M, I think, gas, not diesel, and definitely not powerful enough to pull a baler. (Mowing, raking, manure spreading, pulling trailer for baled hay, yes.)

But very simple. Not only have PC's advanced amazingly, so have tractors. The march of progress :-)

Thanks for evoking the memories.

Mama Koch said...

We have matching tractors! My guys are JDeere people actually works for most of our stuff has green on it.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Farming sure has changed!

That is an AWESOME addition to your tractors.

Anonymous said...

And if you have followed my blog you know that my husband collects tractors too. Although we have newer ones, he really enjoys his 30 series.


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