Monday, June 2, 2008


My children have no shortage of toys. They each have a bicycle or tricycle. They have a swing set, two slides, and a basketball hoop. As the children of a former English teacher, they have an adequate supply of books. Their craft supplies require their own storage unit. I have even converted our old log cabin into a playhouse for them, complete with dressers full of costumes and dress-up paraphernalia.

School is out. The aforementioned items are neglected. Their choice of amusement?


Whatever it takes to elicit a strong reaction from their mother.

Epilogue: the dog killed the snake. I love that dog.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I love that dog, too. I am petrified of snakes. Loved the scenery pics from last post, too.


Andrea said...

YIKES!!! Good Dog. I was putting our trash to the road today and I came across a snake. My DH killed it for me. My dogs are of no use when it comes to killing snakes, but chickens, they are all for catching me some chickens.

Jessica said...

Isn't that typical!? Kids.

cndymkr / jean said...

What kind of snake was it? I would have loved to touch it too. Being a suburban girl we don't have them here. (shh, even if we do, don't tell my son).

Dawn said...

I was thinking I'd love to visit you sometime. Not so much now.

I don't do snakes. At. All. Never.

See here:

Anonymous said...

We have "toys" like that here, too. What kind of snake was it?

Good dog!

~ jeanie

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL I would have been right out there with my kiddo's.. I use love to catch snakes all the time, when I was young and I still do at times now.. My daughter loves all kinds of nature and I try to teach her all about it and also the dangers that go along with it..


Jenny said...

What a cute little snake. Not like the 2 1/2 foot long rattlesnake I found and killed in my back yard the other day (thankfully I found it and not the kids). Not even cinderblock fences keep the suckers out.

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