Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ruling the Roost

We spent some time in the chicken condo today. It is currently vacant, but that is scheduled to change any day now. We needed to make arrangements for the new arrivals to be sure that their accommodations are adequate, and the subordinates were a bit disgruntled to be put to work in the heat of the day. They took an unauthorized break on the only seats in the room: the roost.

This subordinate is proof positive of his mother's inability to sew. We call those air conditioned jeans.

This subordinate is proof positive of her mother's neglect. Pink shorts, blue and red shirt, and pink rubber boots (on the wrong feet) to bring the ensemble together. Add the uncombed hair and the dirty face and you have the true definition of an urchin.

But there is absolutely no doubt that this urchin rules the roost.


BoufMom9 said...

LOVE this post!
You are always so funny & such fabulous pics!!! Every time!

Jenny said...

My air conditioned jeans are my favorites! I forget I have them on and keep wearing them to town or to the school, everyone asks me if my husband is too stingy to buy me new clothes. LOL!

Are the chickens this year's 4-H project?

Treasia said...

Loved the post and pictures. And here I thought air conditioned jeans were the style?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Cute....loved this post! Love the pics too!

Andrea said...

Oh that last photo is so awesome!! I love the look on her face!!
And holes in jeans are in style now right? My boys have holes in everything!! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA.. They looked so thrilled to be in there.. I love the last photo.. She is so precious..


Jen said...

Erin can my little urchin join yours? It's 2:45PM and mine still has her PJ top on, a diaper and her 6 yo brother's cowboy boots. She's been in the fat lamb barn, the barn with the 4-H livestock, in the skid loader, on the tractor and helped water the flowers, and I just saw the border collie sitting on her....can you imagine how dirty and smelly she is LOL! Just remember our little girls will be able to do any job without worry of getting dirty ;-)!

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