Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Riskier Than Farming

Whenever I start to think that we are crazy for dumping so much money into the dirt every year, I remember that a few jobs are actually riskier than farming. Sure, farmers have the variables of drought, hail, astronomically high fuel and fertilizer prices, and potential market crashes, but other occupations have risk as well.

Last week I had a first-hand reminder of a riskier occupation.

A crop duster buzzed over the house early one morning, and it didn't take me long to realize that farming is an appealing job simply because of its altitude.

I have trouble with the idea of accelerating while pointing toward the ground.

I am not thrilled with the idea of playing chicken with the power lines.


And while appearing to land on the county road or skim the tops of the trees makes for some interesting photos, I would not care to be the pilot responsible for keeping the plane in the air.

But it's quite entertaining to watch someone else fly while I'm standing in my yard in my pajamas with a camera. (Next time maybe I'll throw on some jeans and get close enough to take pictures that aren't blurry. . . but I say that every year.)


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Great shots! Blurry, you say??? I didn't notice. LOL
I hate flying to begin with! I can't imagine flying like that!!!!

Andrea said...

My two year old love crop dusters. They fly over our house a lot. I have never gotten a picture of them. Those are some great shots. About a year ago, two crop dusters landed ontop of one another at our small airport here. It was the big news for the year. Small airports don't have traffic control like the large ones do. The plane on top couldn't see the plane below it. Crazy!!!

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