Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Sunday Drive

The real title of this post is "We took the boat to the river so the kids could go fishing but the river is too high and it rained so we just drove around and took pictures from the pickup windows and wiped the raindrops off the camera lens."

While true, that title is not very catchy, so I simplified it a bit.

The alternative title would be "My husband thinks he is a better photographer than I am."

He might be right, but we don't need to discuss that now. Just look at the pretty pictures. It doesn't matter who took them. . . right?





We glimpsed the progress the winter wheat has made since the recent rain. Just one more reason why Sunday drives are good for the soul. Even if the last five miles entailed a cacophony of "I need a snack" and "Are we home yet?" and "Mooooooom, he pinched me on purpose!"

I'm pretty sure all of that was the result of my parents' curse that someday my children will act just like I did.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful field! I enjoyed seeing your crop.

Linda Gay

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Shane! : )

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