Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Landscaping Is Not My Gift

This was the view out my bedroom window when I was growing up.

We didn't concentrate much on landscaping because we were surrounded by natural beauty. My dad cut the yard grass with a swather and baled it for hay once a year. We mowed a bit around the house, and aside from a few pots of flowers, our landscaping efforts were limited.

My adult attempts at landscaping are, at best, awkward. My cause is not helped by the fact that our yard sits on solid rock, making a luscious lawn an impossibility.

Other excuses reasons for my pathetic yard include the high sodium content of the water, the arid climate, and the fact that the dog has made a practice of digging up any improvements I have made in the past 10 years.

After several years of battling -30 degree temperatures in the winter and 100+ degree temperatures in the summer, I relented to the whims of Mother Nature and agreed to change my approach. I rocked many areas of the yard, planted hardy shrubs and junipers, and admitted that a pansy will never last longer than three weeks in this country.

Junipers grow quite well in the pasture near our house.

Junipers do not grow quite well in my yard.

My husband decided that all we need is a little fertilizer to get the grass growing. Remember this? It is now dumped and distributed around my yard, and now that the rain has been falling, it is tracked by 10 mud boots into my house several times a day.

(And just in case you're wondering, that is not my front door, although it used to be a bedroom in the house we lived in for several years.)

I am weary of the battle. I stink at landscaping. I have a new plan.

See this?

And this?

I figure a few samples of that, moved by the tractor bucket into my front yard, will be enough scenic beauty to satisfy my landscaping needs.

And it won't even require water.


Prairie Chick said...

Oh Erin. I have found my kindred spirit and bosom buddy. Just "discovered" you and have been reading back a bit, girl... you rock ;-)

Dawn said...

My mom loves rocks... she'd kill for some of the ones you've got. Okay, not literally... but you wouldn't believe the ones she's managed to get home with her. And, I feed her addiction - I've been known to MAIL boxes full of rocks to her.

possum said...

I've just been catching up on your recent entries. I thought those rocks were fallen trees in the first photo! But with the extremes of temperature I can certainly appreciate your problem. We get from -10C up to 40C and are limited in the number of plants that will tolerant the extremes. But we do have a very fertile clay soil which makes for beautiful roses.

Hope you get your 'rock garden' all landscaped soon.

LoriLiz said...

Wow, nice to know I'm not the only one whos husband thinks manure makes great yard fertilizer. Mine did the same thing to the backyard this spring, and now stands proudly looking at "how much better it looks there". I don't see a difference, but nod my head in agreement so his feeling aren't hurt.
I enjoy your blog.

Jenny said...

I have a want to landscape, but a really brown thumb when it comes down to it. Guess it's a good thing my husband is the farmer in the family. LOL!

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