Monday, June 23, 2008

I Didn't Take My Camera

Today we moved cows, and I didn't take my camera.

Last time we moved cows, I dropped my camera and ran over it with the four wheeler. After dusting it off and realizing that it was unscathed, I vowed never to take it with me on such an excursion again.

It turns out that it was a good decision. Although the day was beautiful, the cows were shiny, the grass was green, and the scenery was breathtaking, I would not likely have captured any Kodak moments. Most of my time was spent looking at the not-so-shiny ends of the cows, which happened to be about eye level. The other problem was that the terrain on which I was riding required two hands and my full attention.

I also neglected to take my camera to the t-ball game to capture the thrill of the game and the filth of my two youngest children who mixed Sprite, orange soda, and dirt and then greased themselves with it. The sunscreen and bug spray cocktail with which I had doused them earlier in the day served as a nice foundation for the mud pie facials. Because I am the tired mother of four, I didn't even bother washing their hands before giving them their hamburgers. I figured (and was later proven right) that they would just drop the food in the dirt at some point, anyway.

Today I missed many photo opportunities. I also missed laundry opportunities, gardening opportunities, and floor scrubbing opportunities. Happily for me, tomorrow will soon be here, and those opportunities will once again present themselves. And I'll probably have my camera.


Jenny said...

Regarding not washing up before giving the food: consider it as building up their immune systems! LOL!

So, you don't use horses to gather cows either? We just use a feed truck and 4-wheelers, too. But I think doing it on horseback again would be fun. I miss that.

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Oh dear! Hehehehe. I agree with Jenny - when I was a kid, my siblings and I ate a lot of dirt, sand, bugs, etc - and I never get sick. Seriously. I get a cold/flu maybe once every 2 years.

Bring on the dirt!

Jenn said...

A little dirt never killed anyone! Lord knows what they eat when you don't see them !

Anonymous said...

I have loved your Montanna blog so much that I have my husband watching it with me.

He enjoyed the antique farm show, and looking at your farm-Ranch.

We are having BULL and cow problems right now, as the bull has decided to visit every neighboring farm in the surrounding area. He thinks he is the king of the world, and weighing in at one ton, I have to agree with him.

But come WEDNESDAY, he is going to leave our farm for someone elses. He has just been too much trouble.
There isn't a fence that will contain him. He does LOVE to ride in the trailer (go figure) so it is never a problem to load him, he just WON'T STAY HOME!

Anyway, we don't use horses anymore either.


Andrea said...

Oh, my kids are hardly ever sick and I think that's to a good childhood of dirt eating. My 9 month old gets mad if you don't put her in the dirt to play and taste!

And yes, somehow tomorrow always comes and the cleaning is always still there. I so wish that one day I would roll out of bed and it would all be done!

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