Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Brother

He was the Wagon Puller Extraordinaire. We put a lot of miles on those four wheels. Sandwiched between two demanding sisters, he survived the best he could.

He was there right beside me throughout our childhood, fashion disaster after fashion disaster, his awkward blue suit diminishing the horror of my terrycloth dress.

So brave in his homemade shirt that matched his sisters' dresses.

As his blonde hair turned to brown, my mother's began to turn gray.

And why, you ask, is the older sister absent from these pictures? Because she banned me from posting pictures of her purple plastic glasses. So I cropped her out. That'll teach her to complain.

Happy birthday to my brother, who taught me that Barbies are stupid and it's much more fun to build roads in the garden with Tonkas. I appreciate that lesson to this day.


Brother in Christ said...

Thanks Erin....I think!! Where did you get the photo of Grandad holding me? Never seen that one before.

Anonymous said...

That picture hung on my wall for ever. Erin has all my pictures for albums when she slows down and has time. When her kids are all out of the house. Right Erin?

Jenny said...

Wow, the blonde to dark brown hair! My oldest son is BLONDE, and now I wonder if he will go dark like that.

But happy birthday to your brother, just the same.

Rene'P said...

those are such cute pics. Happy Birthday to your Brother!! :-)
Brothers are special!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to your brother.. Loved all the pictures..


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