Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talking Back

It's time for some Q&A answers. Actually, it's past time, but I've been preoccupied. For example, today I drew a large picture of a horse on poster board so that my daughter could play "pin the tail on the horse" at her upcoming birthday party. I'm not an artist. Not at all. It was a major undertaking for me, and it required all of my attention for a good portion of the afternoon. The remainder of my day was spent hunting for newborn kittens, feeding my brood, and working at one of my paying jobs (which, thankfully, I can do in the comfort of my living room while I'm breaking up sibling fights and helping kids with homework).

Nevertheless, the obligation of answering your questions was weighing heavily on me this evening, so here is my attempt to satisfy your curiosity.

Please tell me the dead horse didn't make it into one of the casseroles ;) - Mum-me

I cook with beef, chicken, pork, elk, and venison, but I draw the line at equine delicacies. The horse, an apparent victim of sudden heart failure, was given a proper farewell that did not include a stop at my dinner table.

OH! How sad! I always hate separating mamas from their babies! :( - BoufMom9

Happily, all this drama was over in a span of a couple of hours. Mamas and babies were reunited, and much milk slurping was enjoyed.

What a sweet bunch of jumping beans!What's the hardest part about being a farmer's wife for you? What's the best part? - Jessica

The hardest part is never knowing where he is or when he'll be in for a meal. When I guess he'll be on time for lunch, he comes in three hours later. When I guess he'll be late, he's early.

Of course, there's the factor of being reliant on Mother Nature for income, never knowing how long we'll have to stretch out the last wheat check, paying the fuel bills, and teaching a newly potty trained girl how to squat in a wheat field without jabbing her bottom. . . but I won't bore you with all those tales.

Too funny--that picture of the cow.If you were forced to move to the big city, which one would you choose? - minnesotamom

This is a difficult question since I'm not well traveled. I have been to Kansas City, Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C., and I wouldn't want to live in any of them. I find myself feeling terribly claustrophobic. We lived in a town of under 200 people when we were first married, and I felt rather crowded. If I were forced to move to a city in Montana, I would choose Helena, which would probably be considered a small town by most people's standards. I think of any town with more than two chain stores as a big city, though.

My question: when you want to do something to spoil yourself, what is it you chose to do?Does that make any sense? ;) - Pony Girl

Once every two years, I abandon my children and travel three hours away to a Women of Faith conference. It's a great renewal.

The photos are beautiful! Your cattle operation makes ours look like a petting zoo! - The Pastoral Princess

Actually, our cattle operation is very small compared to our neighbors. Around here, they think we are running a petting zoo!

As a thank you for putting I believe I can fly into my head I've got some questions for your Q&A: 1. Does the branding hurt the cows? (I live in a city, I have absolutely no idea, sorry if it's a stupid question). 2. How far is it to your kid's school, how do they get there or are they home schooled? 3. Your little one's beautiful blue hat, is it home made? And if it is, could I get the pattern? If not, where is it bought? - Julia in Sweden

1. Yes, the branding hurts. I know this because the calves protest, and it's a pretty significant burn. They stop feeling it after the first second or two, and it doesn't seem to bother them after that. They heal rather quickly.

2. My kids go to a tiny school about 7 miles away on a gravel road. My son has 5 students in his class, and my daughter's class has 8 students. Each teacher has two grades together in a classroom, and all grades from Kindergarten to grade 12 are in the same building. I used to teach English there before I chose to stay home with the kids.

3. I don't sew. My mom lacked the patience to teach me, and I have lacked the motivation to learn as an adult. I bought that hat for my older daughter when we visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. They have those sun bonnets in their gift shop, and we have nearly worn this one out. You can buy one here.


Dawn said...

Thanks for answering all of the questions with everything else you have going on in your life. I always enjoy living vicariously through your site. Your writing style is fun to read. I always feel like I've "had a chat" with you when I'm done. (That's a compliment, by the way!!)

Blessings! Dawn

Jenn said...

I loved reading all your answers ,it's fun to learn about other people's lives. I went to a school like that as well, from primary to grade 5 it had 3 classrooms and two grades in each room with a hall way ,washrooms and a lunchroom . It was not that big at all then someone used it for a store and now I heard somebody turned it into a home !

Jessica said...

What's the best part of living out --way out-- in the country? for you.

I agree w/ what Dawn said too.

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