Monday, May 19, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, our mama cat came back from the hay corral much skinnier than she had been when she departed.

Finding kittens in the haystacks is a difficult task, and since you never know what other critters you may encounter in those crevices, it's quite a dangerous task as well.

Our oldest son was determined to find those kittens, so he began stalking the mama cat. After a time, his sleuthing paid off. He discovered a nest.

Spot, as we so inventively named the mama cat, had hidden her offspring in a stack of very old straw bales.

They are so well hidden that we have to remove a bale to access them. I guess she had an intense nesting instinct.

They're awfully cute.

The proud father is inventively named Blacky. He's black.

The kittens may become Spot 2, 3, and 4.

Also residing on the farm are Yellow Kitty 1-8, Grey Kitty 1 and 2, and some miscellaneous others that are so wild that we cannot determine their color as they are streaking past us.

Ten years ago, I caught all the cats and took them to the vet to be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and wormed. I wrote the check, brought the cats home, and they all promptly died or ran away.

I don't spend money on barn cats anymore (with the exception of the inordinate amounts of cat food that they eat each month).

But they are well loved.


Dawn said...

I am partial to black and white kitties! See here:

Just curious - are any of them house cats?

Julia in Sweden said...

Ah... kittens.. I miss our kittens! Our black and white cat, Crumbs, had four lovely kittens last summer; Tiger, Panther, Cookie and... Spot :D It was a sad day when they left to be with new families, but we get frequent reports on them. And Crumb is neutered too now, because nomatter how cute the kittens were, they were a handful. Oh, and we don't have a barn. They lived in my husbands underweardrawer.... Hygenic huh? We moved them time and time again, but she moved them back... Uh, what's the point of this comment? Apperently nothing now that I think of it. Cute kittens and pat them from me! Hugs

Treasia said...

Those are the cutest little kitties. I love black and white ones. Just adorable.

Mama Koch said...

Just found you..nice seeing another farm wife blog!

We have Gray-Cat, Blackie, Stripe,...and about a dozen other color-named kitties. If you spend money on them...yep, they disappear.

Kath said...

Those are the cutest kittens!!

Ours kits are all orange or gray striped. Not the cutest things in the world but yet very loved!!!

Pet food and vet bills....UGH!

Jenny said...

So cute! I love kittens. So does my German Shephard. A bit too much, he plays too rough. So I'm down to one cat (who stays outside. She knows how to handle the dog). I don't even spend money on food for her. She eats the dog's food when he's off chasing something.

Pony Girl said...

Awww, there is nothing cuter than a little kitten!! That is nice of you to feed all those barn cats. When I worked at a barn as a teen, their mama cat would have kittens in the hay loft. It was sad because some of the kittens would wander off the edge and fall into the horses stalls and not make it. It was awful. :(

Let Them Be Little said...

Those are adorable pictures!

Happy Mommy said...

I want some barn cats! We have two house cats and my husband says we will never own an animal that uses its restroom in our house without flushing again! So when we move onto our farm we will have to get some barn cats!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, aren't they cute! I love kittens!


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