Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Busy

I was thinking that no one would notice if I just skipped a day of blogging.

I was mistaken.

After the third phone call from a concerned family member asking if I was okay, I decided I better blog tonight.

Yes, I am okay. I'm just busy. And tired. And busy.

The little ones have had colds, and the coughing and fevers have kept me up at night.

School is out, which means that everyone is scheduling activities this week. We have had 4-H work days, Vacation Bible School meetings, t-ball games, basketball camps, and slumber parties. I think I actually met myself on the county road yesterday morning.

Last week's rain has resulted in this week's explosion of weeds and grass requiring spraying and mowing. It finally quit freezing at night, so the flowers and the garden needed to be planted.

My intention was to plant the flowers and the garden as a family bonding experience, taking pictures of our progress throughout the day. My reality was that the toddler kept ripping plants out of the containers, shredding the roots, and the older kids were arguing about who would plant which seeds where. The wind blew most of the day, and by early this afternoon, everyone was tired and cranky. A brief hailstorm blew through, and we all retreated to the house.

I finished the garden alone, and I enjoyed it. I didn't take a single picture until I returned to the house. I thought that this photo summarized all of our feelings tonight.



BoufMom9 said...

OH! Perfect picture to sum up how I have been feeling too.
I was doing the same as you...trying to take a break from the computer, but it just can't happen. LOL Too many worried people...
Glad you got to really enjoy the garden! :)

Mum-me said...

Ha! That happens to me too - the relatives all get worried if I miss more than a day or two. Funny thing is, that's the only time they call because the rest of the time they get their grand-kiddy news trhough the blog.

That's a gorgeous photo - so sweet!

Jessica said...

The lighting on that photo is just PERFECT! What kind of camera do you use? I loved the church pictures too.

I'm impressed so many people noticed you were missing. You have to maintain the fan base I guess...:-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the picture pretty much tells the tale.. She looks wore out.. I'm sure you were to afterwards.. Glad you were able to get your flowers planted and enjoyed it by yourself for abit..


Rene'P said...

sounds like around here, school just got out last week and then our son got the flu and yesterday they started vacation bible school.
Your photo is beautiful-what a sweet shot!

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