Friday, May 23, 2008

It Takes Electricity to Run a Computer

I know I said I would post the answer to the Photo ID contest last night. I know I said I would share more pictures.

They're pretty neat pictures.

And I will share them.

Just as soon as my photo editing program stops burping and starts functioning again.

Two things happened yesterday. First, I decided to upgrade my photo editing program because I have been having problems with the old one. It seems it doesn't play well with Vista.

Secondly, just as I was about to sit down to upload those photos I promised you, the power flickered and died for the third time in 48 hours. By the time our heroic rural electric cooperative employees drove out here and braved the soggy weather to restore the power, it was well past my bedtime. If I was going to get my required five or six hours of sleep, I would have to forego the photo uploading.

Turns out that was a good decision, because when I attempted the upload this morning, my newly upgraded photo editing program burped. I'm trying to give it an antacid right now, but it may require more intensive treatment.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment, here are a few more phrases that people have googled and then, inexplicably, found themselves here.

"what to do when foster kids run away"
I would look for them. It might work better than sitting in front of the computer googling for them.

"toddler repeats phrase until a response is given"
Sorry, but this behavior is typical until the child reaches the teen years. It goes right along with whining, tantrums, lost mittens, cutting a sibling's hair with safety scissors, and cussing in front of your grandparents. It's a rite of passage in parenting. Just answer the child and get on with your day.

"should husband shave his legs"
I've gotta vote no on this one. But I'm not sure you should be soliciting others' opinions; it sounds like a personal issue to me.

"shaved my eyelashes"
Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping this is the end of the "shaving" queries.

"raising a cowboy"
If his mama wasn't successful, you won't be, either.

"kids racism its just not funny"
Well, sometimes it is.

"how to make my front yard look beautiful"
Trust me; you will not find the answer to that question on this blog. Coming soon: my pathetic attempts at landscaping.

"having another child when you have an autistic son"
It's a leap of faith, and I'm very thankful that we took that leap several times. The best thing we ever did for our oldest son was to give him siblings.

"funny photo manure pile"
I guess some people never overcome the bathroom humor stage.

"cute redneck girls"
I have two of them, and their daddy has a shotgun.

"root cellar pictures"
Funny you should ask. They should be uploading any minute day now.


Colleen said...

Hmmmmm ... I know someone who could set you up with a nice stand-by generator for these kind of electrical emergencies. The blog-reading world can get quite upet when they stay up late waiting for the nightly post.

Ann from Montana said...

Yeah!! what colleen said...well, not about knowing someone who could sell/install a generator...about the staying up late to see if I was right part!

Anyway...waiting for the photos - sorry about the power outage..

Dawn said...

Glad to see you're at least keeping your sense of humor!

Looking forward to the pictures whenever you can get them up.

Hope you have a nice, long holiday weekend!

Blessings, Dawn

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