Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It Must Be Summer

Here's a recap of my day:

* Moved cows to greener pastures

* Dropped off one child at basketball camp (which is really misleading since it's a two-hour event which doesn't involve camping at all)

* Picked up one child from basketball camp and dropped off another child at basketball camp

* Did a few loads of laundry

* Paid some bills

* Picked up one child from basketball camp

* Drove an hour with all four kids to a t-ball game where I coached first base because all the other moms were hiding in their vehicles because the "Real Feel" temperature registered somewhere between zero and freeze your tail off

* Thawed myself out while driving an hour home

* Narrowly missed hitting a porcupine, a few deer, a cat, and a cow on the road

* Giggled for four miles after the following exchange:

"Mom, what was that?"

"A deer. Oh, look, it's a whitetail!"

"A whitetail? I love them."

"Yes, they are pretty, aren't they?"

"They're delicious!"

You know you're a redneck mama when your daughter appreciates wildlife for its flavor.


Dawn said...

Your schedule looks amazingly like mine. The conversation in your car... not so much!

Blessings! Dawn

Treasia said...

Your schedule makes me appreciative that my children can drive themselves now. Love the car conversation.

Jessica said...

you drive an hour to T-ball!? You're more of a woman than I! I won't even drive the 1/2 hour it is for us for kid stuff.

Julia in Sweden said...

That was one packed day! I think you are one wonderful mom who, even though things are miles and miles away, take the time to drive the kids to activities, coach them and probably had a icebox full of healthy snacks in the trunk as well ;-)
Imagine the time and ammo saved if you just ran down dinner while on the way to school or something. Now THAT'S multitasking! Happy hunting!

Joy said...

My kids all think the word "stupid" always precedes the word "deer." I think they've heard their dad and I discussing crop damage more than once, and know the hassle of getting a car fixed after hitting one.

(typical conversation heard in my vehicle after slamming on brakes)

girls, in unison: "What is it Mom-- a stupid deer?"

me: "Yes, girls."

daughter: "I hate stupid deer."

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