Sunday, May 4, 2008



This child.

This child dresses herself each morning, matching stripes with florals and purple shoes with red pants.

This child announces that she's going outside to play, and when her mother tells her to wait a few minutes, she waits until everyone is distracted and goes outside anyway.


This child insists on wearing her "snowman coat" when the temperature is 61 degrees.

This child wears her loud fleece hat backwards and refuses assistance to turn it around.

This child awakens at 6 a.m., walks to the kitchen, takes out a loaf of bread, slaps it down on her mother's abdomen, and announces that she wants break-ast. Now. Pweeeaaase.

This child resists naps.

This child resists bedtime.

This child is two. Very, very two.


She is the source of abundant joy and the cause of considerable consternation.

Her daddy says she's just like her mama.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

She sounds like she is SMART!

Cute definitely!

Pony Girl said...

Wow, I bet you are looking forward to the teenage years with this one! ;) You know, these exact skills will help her be a strong, independent, go-getter girl one day. She has a twinkle in her eye!

Dawn said...

I have one just like her. But, mine hits the teenage milestone this year. You're in for one great roller coaster - you'll experience fear and joy you've never imagined all in one ride!!!

Andrea said...

Why do daddy's always say they act like the moms? She is super cute! I love that she doesn't match! Independant is wonderful!! I love two years old!!

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie and I love her style! :-)


Ann from Montana said...

Hi! - gorgeous photos and fun post. I just found my way over here from PW - noticed you are from MT also. Glad to have found you and I look forward to exploring your site.

Jenny said...

I have one of those. Very two indeed!

Julia in Sweden said...

Yep. I've got one of those myself... Saaaannnaaaa can! she shouts every two minutes. And yes, she certainly is capable of doing it herself. Patience is a virtue and I sure could use a couple of extra hours of the day to let her do things at her own pace. My god they are wonderful!
And yours look absolutely beautiful!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hi !
I love your blog Raising country kids I was raised on a hobby farm with animals also I sat here and read some of your blog post and thought ya i can relate to a lot of them. I just loved to worm the sheep and have poop on me from head to toe I would do anything to get the sheep down lol
well hope to see you on my blog stop by and say Hi!

Happy Mommy said...

Sounds like my 2 year old daughter. And she sure is colorful!

Anonymous said...

Gotta LOVE her!

Jessica said...

I can completely relate! Keep on toeing the line with her--it pays off big time! She's uber adorable, which makes it even harder!

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