Friday, May 16, 2008

Hose 'Em Off at the Door

You can tell what a farmer has done all day when he walks in the door.

It's not that he's particularly chatty upon his entrance. In fact, he rarely says a word until after his supper has begun digesting.

But he doesn't have to explain. I know what he's been doing by looking at his pants.


What was his occupation today? Mechanic. From the looks of it, things didn't go well.

Have mercy on my washing machine.


Julia in Sweden said...

Try putting a little shaving gel on the grease stains before washing them. Shaving gel works wonders on motor oil, but I have no idea why. Test at your own risk ;-)

Treasia said...

How true that statement is of how a farmer doesn't say much till his food starts digesting.

I remember so many times my father never saying much till that same time. I also remember my mother telling us "I don't think dad is in a good mood, so pipe down for a bit". LOL.

Jenny said...

That's what my laundry looks like today, too. Good luck!

Andrea said...

LOL!! We hose off pants and the kids!! LOL!!

Jessica said...

We're looking for a second hand second washer just for those sorts!

What I don't like is kissing him & being "glad" to see him until after he's showered! I wish I could just run up and hug him, but Ick. Farmers smell. ;-)

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