Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Contest Answers Revealed!

I know you're aching to know the answers to the contest below, so here you are:

1) The year - 1995

2) The age of the bride - 19

3) The age of the groom - 22

4) Which bridesmaid is pregnant - the one in front of the groom

5) Total amount of money spent on the wedding party attire - $75 for the material for the dress (not counting the hours of labor my mother donated); $15 each for the bridesmaids' dresses; and about $150 for the tux rentals (they only had half a tux each; they wore Wranglers instead of tux pants) for a grand total of about $255. We were on a budget.

The relatives in the picture are as follows:

The man on the left is my brother. The pregnant bridesmaid (on the right) is my sister. The other bridesmaid is my husband's sister. The remaining groomsman is not a relative.

And now for the scores! The scoring method was to start with 50 points per entry and deduct 1 point per year for the wrong year, 1 point per year for the wrong age, and 5 points for the wrong pregnant bridesmaid. I added five points for those who guessed within $100 of the cost of clothing, and I added 5 points for those who guessed the relationships of the wedding party correctly.

Why did add up all the points? I'm not sure. Maybe someday I'll be one of those fancy blogs that gives out prizes. Then I'll come back here, track you down, and send you your reward.

But for now, I'll just give you the satisfaction of knowing you are a very perceptive bunch of people.

Julia in Sweden - 44
Athy - 49
Treasia - 47
Marissa - 50
Happy Mommy - 48
Jenny - 48
Andrea - 55
April - 56
Deborah in Texas - 50
Sandy - 50
BoufMom9 - 59

I was happy to read that many of you had the same style of dress. At least it covered me up; it snowed on our wedding day, and if I had been wearing one of today's styles, I would have frozen to death.


Julia in Sweden said...

Ouch, that hurt. I can't remember when I last scored such bad points... Ah well, how does the young and stupid excuse sound? Oh, and the have been to three weddings in my life and that Sweden and America is very different-excuse?
Thank you for the very interesting answers at the Q&A! I've emailed the museum to check if they deliver to Sweden too. *fingers crossed*
Take care!!!

Andrea said...

Oh man I was so close to winning!! I came in third. Man!! I was so hoping to have the grand prize of knowing that I was so keen!! LOL!! It was a fun post!! I so messed up on the relations!! LOL!! It must have been fun to add up points!! Anyway, hope you had a great anniversary!!

BoufMom9 said...


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