Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I Miss

Today is Q & A Day, but I'm only going to tackle one question. The reason I'm only answering one question is that my brain is too frail to handle more than that tonight. I picked this question because it's easy to answer.

"If you could have one new thing on your farm added animal wise what would it be and why?"



The short answer is that I grew up on a sheep ranch, and I miss them. I like sheep. I like that they're small enough for me to handle, that they're soft, that they have very cute offspring, and that they're fairly simple creatures. I like their ears. I like the skin conditioning benefits of petting them.

My affection for sheep began at quite an early age. Since my grandpa and my dad raised sheep, I was accustomed to working with them.

Here I am at age 4, clearly enjoying myself.

By age 5 or 6, I was beginning to take over the care of the bum lambs.

I always cried when the bum lambs were sold, even when I was a teenager.

One summer I halterbroke my bum lambs using halters made from baling twine. I didn't get out much then, either.

One Christmas, my grandma gave all her grandkids a registered Suffolk sheep. Mine was named Flick. She produced many fine lambs that grew into my FFA project in high school.

This is Rambo. What can I say? It was 1987.

These twins were Flick's grandchildren, Patty and Patsy, who were born on St. Patrick's Day. I find it disturbing that I remember that. I find my asymmetrical haircut even more disturbing. The high top tennis shoes with the tapered leg jeans are nice, too.

I'm not sure if the animals were drawn to my gentle nature or because I was a freaky looking girl in the late 1980s.

Just in case you're wondering, we did have sheep here shortly after we were married. It didn't work out so well. We have too many poisonous weeds in our pastures and too many coyotes roaming the range. The sheep did not fare well. Someday I'll try to sneak a few bum lambs back on the place for the kids to raise. Don't tell my husband.


Jen said...

There are some days where I would pay someone to take all 350+ of our sheep but you're right there is no other animal I would rather have my kids around. Yesterday Sutton was rammed into the fence by a ewe but one hit was all the ewe wanted, picked up the crying 2 yo *she was more scared then hurt*, cuddled a little then went right back to chores. Bekka, 12 and Haak, 10 can manhandle the ewes when need be and even the 6 yo can do lamb chores. Watching the lambs running and jumping in a big wave when you get them into a new building or pasture is a hoot.

BTW, you weren't some freaky lookin' girl you were very fashionable for the 1980's! My very best friend had your same hairstyle and my hot pink high tops were my shoe of choice LOL. Your pictures bring back such memories LOL.

threecollie said...

I love sheep too, although we are down to two very old ladies now. We kept a few for quite a while to help train the border collie puppies.
I love your pictures...I have similar ones of our gang, only with cows. It is such a sweet thing to grow up with animals.

Treasia said...

Thanks for answering my question.

Rambo looks like a fine sheep. Although I have no idea about sheep at all. Ha Ha. I can imagine how soft they must be. Maybe someday you can add some as you said. I bet the kids would enjoy that a lot.

Brother in Christ said...

I miss the sheep also.....turning out the ewes and lambs from the shelter belt to the green (most of the time) pasture across the road.

I was glad you added the photos as I had forgotten about the "slant" hairdo!!

Andrea said...

I love the lambs!! They are so cute! And WOW, how did you get your hair so high? :) Great photos!

Happy Mommy said...

We must be about the same age, I used to roll my jeans like that too.
I want a lamb, we are moving onto a small farm and I want lambs and goats.

Anonymous said...

I miss the sheep too. I don't miss the hard work and long hours lambing or the heartbreak of them dying. I always was to attached!
I think your hair was great!

Pony Girl said...

I just discovered your blog. I love your stories and wow, what great photography! And the assymetrical haircut?? I had that back in the day, too!
Hopefully you can have a sheep again someday.....

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