Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talking Back

One of my frustrations with this blogging adventure is that I find it awkward to respond to comments. If I comment back in the comments section, it ends up getting lost. If I try to email, I end up forgetting who is who and who said what. So tonight I'm taking the opportunity to talk back.

I'm glad you all are in the fields. TOO wet around here. - Jessica

We had that problem last spring, but this year we have dust blowing down the roads and creating visibility problems. I guess we’ll probably never have the perfect farming conditions.

I bet it was nice to get a bit of peace while the children were sitting in the car! - Mum-me

I did enjoy my solitude in the field. I never realize how much I miss the quiet until I actually experience it for a few minutes.

Okay, so what the heck is an alkali bog? I thought you said alkali dog at first! – Sandy

This is an alkali bog. See the white stuff? That's alkali. Nothing will grow there, and if you try to walk through it, you will sink. It's like Montana quicksand. And it stinks.

Love the pictures! We put duals on our (green of course) tractors for many operations, but what do you call it when there are THREE sets of tires? – Jan

I call it very high bill when we have to replace 12 gigantic tires.

Actually, we call it triples.

LOL! So am I to assume he came home with a new mug & cap? And, if so, what else did he buy? - BoufMom9

Whenever a farmer comes home from a bull sale with a new cap, it means he bought a bull. And, like some of the commenters mentioned, it’s better to come home from a bull sale with a new cap than to come home from an implement dealership with a new cap; iron is far more expensive than animals.

I guess we all need to learn to slow down a bit some times. We make time for our kids's friends but not enough time for our own. So from one friend to another in this busy little place --Happy Birthday!!! - Mary W.

And Happy Birthday right back at you. Hope you had a nice day that involved cake!

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a good day today and celebrated with your crew! Did they bake you a cake? - Colleen

Ah, yes. They baked me a cake while I hid in the living room and tried to ignore their sibling squabbles. I did happen to stroll through the kitchen and suggest that they might want to add the water to the cake mix before they put it in the oven, but beyond that, they had no parental input in the baking process. The results were quite. . . edible.

My memory of spring was going with Grandma every day to scour this one tiny little coulee for shooting stars (rooster heads, whatever you call them) which was the only place they could make it out on the prairie by Roundup/Lewistown. I'm not sure exactly where you are in MT, but do you get shooting stars? – Robin

We’re north of Lewistown, and we usually have a fair supply of shooting stars. This year has been too dry and too cold for them, though. The kids found a few last weekend, but they were only about an inch high.

I love the lambs!! They are so cute! And WOW, how did you get your hair so high? :) - Andrea

Copious amounts of Aqua Net, my friend.

My knees get weak, my stomach starts to growl... Is it insane to lick the screen?I need chocolate chips! I need peanut butter! I need to get off this blasted diet! Is the vanilla liquid? Where is my transformation chart? If you ever want a challenge, write your measurements down in metric and celsius :D It would get me a few minutes closer to those b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l cookies.... - Julia in Sweden

Julia, I hope you broke free of your diet and found your conversion chart. I’d love to help you out, but math has never been my strong point. I can tell you that the vanilla is, indeed, liquid.

Erin, your pictures are really good, have you ever entered any in contests? - Jen

I have never entered a photo contest. I guess I’ve never really considered it. I love to take pictures, but I’m very much a novice. It’s just a hobby. But thanks for the compliment!

How do find time to write, and I mean write so well, with 4 young children in the house? - Mum-me

My kids are in bed no later than 8 p.m. each night. I use the next few hours as “my time,” and I usually read or write. I find it very difficult to write when I’m not alone.

What is your favorite time of day & why of course. - Linda

I love dawn and dusk. I love the solitude, the quiet, the stillness, and the sky.

If someone who had lived in the city all of their lives was considering moving to the country what advice would you give them? - oceans5

I would tell them to read this blog for a few weeks before hiring the U-haul. Do they really want their kids to be entertained like this?

Do you drive tractors? Would you have time to help me plant corn and soybeans? – Anonymous

Nope, I just chase them on foot through the fields.

I used to drive a tractor on occasion, but I strategically made a few mistakes (like forgetting to pull the plow out of the ground when crossing through the winter wheat on my way to the next fallow field). Shortly afterward, we switched to chemfallow, and my services were no longer required.

Four kids later, a nice, long day on the tractor all by myself sounds rather pleasant. It can’t be too difficult to learn to plant corn and soybeans, right?

And here is my question for all of you:

Where would you rather live: a) A city of 50,000 or more; b) A town of under 10,000; or c) 150 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart and 7 miles from the nearest pavement?


Mama Bear said...

Good question.

I think a town of under 10,000 for our family for the following reasons:

-we are back and forth to the biggest children's hospital in our province at least once a month so it would be best logistically
-it's small enough to forget about skyscrapers and traffic and pollution but large enough that I can still pop out to the store if I forget milk

Our ideal town? Nelson, BC.


Treasia said...

For me it's a town of under 10,000 in population. Such as where I am now.

Kathy said...

Well, I think I would choose the city. I live in a town of under 10,000 and I'm constantly board. I'm addicted to shopping so living so far from the store wouldn't work for me either. City wins

threecollie said...

C....hands down!

Ibleedgreen said...

150 miles is way too close to Walmart but I do enjoy living in our little burg and having a cup of coffee or a beer within three blocks.

Mum-me said...

Seeing as I grew up in B. and currently live in A. I think I'd like to give C. a try - I don't think I would miss Wal-Mart as I have never stepped foot inside one in my entire life!

April said...

I happily live in a town of under 10,000 people. 3003 to be exact. I love the small town charm and we feel very safe living here. We would love living in the country, but at this time it actually costs us a lot more to live there than where we are.

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