Sunday, April 13, 2008

Redneck Girl Goes to Church


"But Mama, these are my good mud boots!"



Andrea said...

That is so cute!! I think that could work!! My boys have to wear their boots everywhere. Even with shorts. I often wonder if my six year old will ever learn how to tie a shoe?

Colleen said...

And your point is???


Hey - nice dress, and nice boots! (We had to get the next size in the boots - can't go out without horsey mud boots on!)

Anonymous said...

I think she'd look cute in anything! :-)


Treasia said...

I think she looks adorable in her Sunday finest!

Suz said...


Jennifer's Ramblings said...

How cute!!!!

Ranch wife said...

How cute. I remember when my girls were small and they wore their cowboy boots with their dresses. Thought it was cute then, and think it is still cute now.
Ranch Wife

Mrs. C said...

Oh! I hope you let her wear them! You've got to admit she's a smartie punkin.

jeanie said...

Oh 'Salina used to have a dress very similar to that - she loved it, and yes, it goes with boots!

Colleen said...

Callie: Who is that?
Me: Emma Lou.
Callie: She's cute! ... What is she wearing?
Me: Your pink mud boots that are too small.
Callie: With her dress?! That's silly!

hee hee!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh! That is just too cute!!

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