Monday, April 28, 2008

Playin' With Pictures

I have somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 photos on my computer. Most of them were taken in the past four years. Prior to 2004, I was a camera snob who condemned digital photography as a tool of convenience similar in quality to my blackening stash of old family Polaroids.

Instead of embracing the new technology, I continued to lug around a 35 mm camera and spend inordinate amounts of money on film and developing.

Then my third child was born. I suddenly had two children in diapers and not enough room in the diaper bag for the large camera, gigantic flash, and various lenses. My new point-and-shoot digital camera took up less room than a board book, and I was thrust into the digital world.

I took thousands of photos with that little camera prior to upgrading to a larger point-and-shoot last summer. Now I'm like the farm wife paparazzi. My camera is snapping everywhere I go.

Lately, it seems like all the pictures are beginning to look the same. The land refuses to green up and show any color, and the pictures have all taken on a look of dingy yellow. So today, since I had many other more pressing tasks that required my attention, I sat in front of my computer screen and messed around with photo editing tools. I rid my photos of that dingy yellow. I tried new color combinations. I didn't vacuum or fold that basket of jeans. But, at the end of the day, it's all about appreciating the beauty in life.






A new view of an old favorite.


ZenPanda said...

The last one is absolutely precious!

The bonus to digital is how prolific ones photography becomes. you can play more and find what you really like!

I look forward to your late night posts!

Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures! It makes me want to sit down and do the same thing with mine. I'm not as good a photographer as you are, but it's fun to play!!

Happy Mommy said...

I love her little bonnet! Great photo's!

Ranch Mommy said...

I love the photos. I always tend to lean towards black and white or Sepia. Thanks for sharing!!

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