Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Day: The Condensed Version

Cups of coffee: 1/2

Hours in the vehicle with four kids: 7.5

Deer that ran in front of my vehicle: 11

Deer that I hit: 0

Months of wear off the brakes: 9

Hours spent in Costco: 2

Dollars spent in Costco: My husband will never know

Minutes spent in the checkout line at Costco: 20

Minutes late for the kids' dentist appointments: 3

Hours spent at the dentist's office: 1.5

Teeth that came home in a little green box: 2

Kids that slept all the way home: 2

Kids that bled all the way home: 1

Trips made carrying kids, groceries, and stuff from the car to the house: 22

Number of people making those trips: 1

People in this house who are relieved that today is over: 6

Time that tomorrow's adventures will begin: 6 a.m.

Hours of sleep for me: 6, if I'm very lucky.


Anonymous said...

I'm wore out just reading that! lol


Let Them Be Little said...

Wow, that is a busy list. I hope you got some good sleep!

Robin said...

Hopefully the kids will help when they get older. Husbands seem to sense when you're on the way and make a mad dash for anywhere but where they need to be. You exhaust me Erin.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Wow... and I hear you....

Hope the child has stopped bleeding!

Happy Mommy said...

I feel you with the Costco thing! We have Sam's club in this part of the country, and I too spend a small fortune at that place.

Anonymous said...

I am going to Great Falls on Saturday, with a stop at Sam's, reading your post made me dread it even more!
Jennifer D

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, must know... 2 teeth came home in a box?

Anonymous said...

No one ever wants to help unload the vehicle, do they?

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