Monday, April 14, 2008

Kids and Horses, By Request

You asked, I deliver: Kids and Horses.

Because we're always looking for something to do out here in nowhere land, a group of folks organized a kids' rodeo a few years back. It was such a success that they were roped into continuing the fiasco fun day as an annual event. My little buckaroos look forward to the day for months ahead of time. Since it's not scheduled to take place again until September, I figured I'd just give you a little glimpse of last year's festivities.

Skip gets quite a workout during the day as he usually does each event twice for our two oldest kids and three or four more times for those kids who are horse deprived.

Once in awhile, he even summons up enough energy to kick up some dust.

The smaller cowboys bring along their own mounts for the barrel racing competition. Don't be fooled; it's not as easy as it looks. Old Bessie bucked this cowpoke off no fewer than eight times during this run. His time was somewhere around the 6 minute mark.

The true competition begins during the boot race, in which all the little people cast off their boots and scatter them about.

Beginning at the other side of the arena, they race toward the discarded footwear.

Mass chaos always ensues. Exactly how many pairs of pink boots can one little town hold?

The first one back to the start line with his or her own boots on the right feet wins the prize.

Who are the real heroes?

The moms who have to bleach those socks and clean out the boots afterward.

And, just because I'm feeling bad about this post in which I showed the world my sister's purple plastic glasses, I'm going to throw in a blast from the past which features her in a cuter, less awkward stage.

Kids and horses. There you have it.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I just LOVE that pony! Great photos!

Treasia said...

Great pictures of the kids and the horses. I have been to many a rodeo over the years and never heard of the boot chase. How fun must that have been? I love that idea.

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

How fun! Reminds me of the long summer days we spent at playdays!

Robin said...

I think it looks like tons of fun! The rodeo company we use at our fair has the kids do the boot/shoe thing after the mutton bustin'.
I love the little one doing barrels!

Andrea said...

Oh I love it!! That so looks like the rodeo/fun day/buckle serries that we go to!! I love the boot race. And normally when it is time for the boot race I have to find my kids' boots before the race. They never have shoes one!! We use one horse for all our kids too!! LOL!! Fun pictures!!

Brother in Christ said...

Rather appropriate that the elder sister is wearing "saddle" shoes.......can't believe how blonde my hair once was!!

Brother in Christ said...

I think the pony in the bottom picture was named Mindy but can't remember for sure......anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly new reader, so I had to follow the link about the plastic purple glasses. I had those glasses. I also had that hairdo and that white bead necklace and that sweater, lol. I think I might be your sister's long-lost twin. lol.


Stacie said...

That looks like a great time! I love the barrel racing with the horse on a stick!

Let Them Be Little said...

Oh too cute, maybe we will have to make a trip up to see that!

BoufMom9 said...

What fabulous pictures! YEAH!
Looks like so much fun for the kids (but not for the washers. LOL)

Jen said...

Skip is a very handsome horse. your kids look like born riders. We have Shanda Bars who looks very similar to skip, she's the "trainer" horse...she trains the kids to ride LOL. She's approximately 26 years old and the best horse! At our county fair the horse project does a horseless horse games event that has so many fun things for the kids. Hey Robin my kids mutton bust and last year Bekka, 12yo, even did the calf riding event and won the buckle beating out 10 boys for the title! Erin, your pictures are really good, have you ever entered any in contests?

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