Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Leave It By The Gate

I woke up with a headache and the daunting task of making four children presentable for church this morning. My ever-considerate husband, who was heading out to feed the cows and plant barley, told me not to worry about packing his lunch just yet. He suggested that I bring it out to the field after church.

The plan sounded logical enough, so I agreed to it. After assembling the lunch, loading the kids in the car, and wrestling a toddler throughout a 90 minute church service, I turned off into the field on the way home. From my vantage point on the trail, I could see the tractor, and I used the radio to ask my husband how I should go about getting his lunch to him without breaking the First Rule of Farm Wives: Don't Drive On Seeded Ground.

His response was, "Just leave it by the gate."

I drove to the gate, parked, and decided just to wait there a bit and deliver the lunch when he was close by, saving him the time and effort of getting off the tractor and walking over to retrieve the lunchbox.

We sat at the gate for a spell. I couldn't tell you exactly how long the spell lasted, but it was long enough for the toddler to hike up her dress, remove her shoes and socks, and begin shoving her bare foot in her brother's face.


I could hear the tractor nearby, so I decided to walk over the next hill and see if I could just deliver the lunch there. It was nearing 1:00, and being the considerate farm wife that I am, I was afraid my beloved farmer would be too hungry if I just left the box at the gate and waited for him to make it that far.

He was actually quite close when I made it over the hill, but he was already turned in the other direction. I sat down on the lunchbox, sure that he would make it back to my position within minutes.

See? I was right. Here he comes already.

Getting closer.

Excuse me? What are you doing?

I couldn't believe my eyes. From my perch on the lunchbox, I could swear that I saw him turning the opposite direction. He's going in circles. He's lost his mind.

Actually, he encountered an alkali bog in the middle of the field, and he was farming around it. That meant that he wouldn't be back on my side of the field for at least 20 minutes longer.

I was faced with a difficult decision. I could go back to the gate and leave the lunchbox, or I could walk another spell, farther away from my vehicle, and try to chase him down. I figured it would be around 3:00 by the time he made it back to that gate, and considerate farm wife that I am, I decided to chase him.

Eventually, he saw me.

He stopped.

He asked me what in the world I was thinking by walking all the way into the middle of the field when he had clearly told me to just leave the lunchbox at the gate.

The gate that was now a good distance away.

The gate by which my vehicle was parked.

The vehicle that held my not-quite-as-patient-as-they-were-an-hour-ago children.


Next time, I guess I'll leave it by the gate.


Jessica said...

too too funny! Especially the "He's going in circles. He's lost his mind" line.

Hope your headache is better.

My dh doesn't see me at all when he's in work mode. One time I practically chased him for 1/2 mile jumping up and down screaming, and finally he was all, "oh! hi!". Totally can relate.

I'm glad you all are in the fields. TOO wet around here.

Mum-me said...

You should have just answered him with, "I'm collecting future blogging material, of course."

I bet it was nice to get a bit of peace while the children were sitting in the car!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what the heck is a alkali bog? I thought you said alkali dog at first! lol

Hope you got rid of your headache and it didn't get worse from chasing your DH down in the field.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Ahh, I feel those children pain of waiting!

Jan said...

Love the pictures! We put duals on our (green of course) tractors for many operations, but what do you call it when there are THREE sets of tires? Hope the weather cooperates with some moisture to get that barley up.

Happy Mommy said...

I think it was sweet that you chased him down!

Andrea said...

Oh dear!! LOL!! My boys would love your tractors!! They are huge!! I love the kid's faces in the mirror! They looked so happy!! :)

Pony Girl said...

You are a good wife!! ;) Of course, if you'd left it by the gate, he probably would've asked you why you didn't bring it out to him??

Mama Bear said...

Heeheehee - thanks for the giggle. I love love love your blog and am quite envious of your farm life.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Oh I feel this one... I have spent ludicrous amounts of time trying to assist my menfolk with various parts or lunches or whatever... you never really mind, but geez louise, sometimes you wish they'd just STOP ALREADY and meet you somewhere!!!

V patient kids you have there...


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