Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Cow, Bad Cow


This is a good cow.


This is a bad cow.

To the untrained eye, they might not look that different. They're both black, smelly, and bovine.

The difference between the two lies in their mothering ability.


This is what a good cows does when the calf is born.


She gets all the goop off.


Even behind the ears.

Now the calf is dry, warm, and full of fresh milk.


This calf? Not dry. Not warm. Not full of milk. Where is his mother? After delivering him in the middle of the pasture in the cold wind, she took one sniff of him and went off to the feed ground.

After I brought the calf in and toweled him off, I chased his mother into the corral. She would have nothing to do with her calf. He got so cold that I had to put him in the calf warmer, a little doghouse-like contraption that blows warm air on the calf to dry him off and keep him from freezing to death.

Later, my husband put a tube into the calf's stomach and dumped in colostrum that he had saved from another cow earlier in the calving season. Later he milked this calf's mother and fed it a bottle. Finally he was able to catch the mother and help the calf learn to nurse.


Now she likes him.


He looks a little warmer now.


He went from this


to this - with a little human intervention.

Do you know what the difference is between a good cow and a bad cow? Good cows stay on the farm. Bad cows go to market.


Mum-me said...

It's a bit like people too, isn't it? One of my SILs seems to be to be like a 'bad cow'. Her children roam the streets (even the 3 year old). They don't wear hats or sunscreen in summer and are usually sunburnt. They don't wear jackets or beanies in winter and are constantly sick. They always have headlice, and they eat lollypops and potato crisps for dinner. She does love them ..... but her love just doesn't manifest itself in the usual ways.

Treasia said...

The little newborn calf sure turned out cute when cleaned up. Shame his mother took no interest in it herself. He really is a cutie though.

Andrea said...

I think it's kind of funny, not funny ha ha but funny weird, that the bad cow didn't want anything to do with her wet smelly calf until it was all cleaned up. Maybe she is a germaphob? But no seriously! She would be gone too!! That poor calf. Was that her fist calf? Maybe she didn't know what to do with it?

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Great photos and story. I'm having my daughters check out your blog when they get home today.

Happy Mommy said...

The really sad thing is this is happening all over the world, with Gods little children. Mothers and just as bad Fathers leave their children for their own selfish ambitions, or to follow worldly desires. Sad stuff even poor baby cows!
I love your blog and am enjoying reading it daily!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't happen much with the Red cows.

Let Them Be Little said...

Such a sweet calf, poor thing getting left in the field without its mommy. But still kinda funny the mommy took off, if I had to lick my kids clean I dont know that I would have had them. :) Too funny about sending bad cows to auction!!

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