Friday, April 18, 2008

Country Girl in the City?

More Q & A:

"What would you miss most about country life if you were forced to live in the city? What would you like best?" - Let Them Be Little

I would miss this

and this

and this.

I would miss going outside and hearing nothing but an occasional animal. I would miss fresh air and peace and the fact that the nearest neighbor is a couple of miles away. I would miss the opportunities I have to teach my kids about nature, reality, and growing food.

I would miss the small school where my kids have four classmates and their teachers have known them since birth.

If I lived in the city, I would really enjoy access to restaurants and grocery stores, although I would find it very difficult to break the habit of stocking up the pantry for winter and keeping half a beef in my freezer. I would enjoy the lack of mud and manure that is tracked into my house. I would really enjoy daily mail service, newspaper delivery, and DSL. I would like water that didn't kill grass.

Most of all, city life would afford me the opportunity to take a shower without first looking out the window to see if the cows were watering and taking away all the water pressure.


Happy Mommy said...

I love the country, I grew up in the city. I will never move back...

Bill Harshaw said...

Farm life is good for children, but there's a big adjustment going from a small high school to a big college.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I have lived both lives. Country, REALLY COUNTRY as a child; city as an adult; and then back to the country 12 years ago.

I would miss the peace,serenity, the ability to feed horses in the morning in my pajamas.

From the city; OMG do I miss the restaurants. The PIZZA. The FOOD! :-)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Oh.. and about the big adjustment.. of small school to big college. I completely disagree. I jumped into the college experience and never looked back! There was no transition pain for me at least.

I guess I am adaptable. ;-)

Let Them Be Little said...

Yay!! It was my question!! Good answer, by the way.

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