Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bovine Racism

I recently indicated that I would like to see more diversity in our cattle herd. I would love to keep some cute heifers, and I hate to see the red cows becoming fewer in number. I have accused my husband of racism in the matter. He only likes the blacks. It seems that his attitude may be infiltrating the herd itself.

For example, I was taking pictures of the only calf with any character that we had during this year's calving season. Every single calf in the herd except this one is solid black. Sadly, this calf is a steer, so it will not be among those that we keep this fall. So I wanted to document his existence before we turn them out to summer pasture and he becomes too wild to catch without a telephoto lens.

I found him with a buddy. A black buddy, of course. He has no other options. The two of them were getting along quite well until Blackie's mother came along.

Just look at her chastising her calf for associating with that. . . that. . . impure specimen! You can almost read her lips. (Do cows have lips?)

The poor ostracized calf sought solace from his mother.

As sad as that scene was, I was hopeful that it was just a solitary incident. I thought that maybe the herd wasn't completely brainwashed into thinking that red and white markings were reserved for inferior bovines.

Then I came upon this view. It seems that now the cows isolate the red cows, forcing them to eat alone and away from the others. It's a sad, sad day here on the farm. This perpetuation of bovine racism must be stopped.


BoufMom9 said...

OMG! This was so funny! Thanks for the giggles. :)

Bill Harshaw said...

Hmm? Is there a glitch in the photos posted? The second photo doesn't seem to match your discussion but rather another version of the first?

Andrea said...

This is funny!! I love how the second picture shows the other Momma cow coming and "getting" her baby. The last picture is classic! I love it!! They all have their backs to the poor red cow!! LOL!!

Erin said...


It's just not a very good picture. If you look closely at the second photo, you can see the black calf looking up at her mother, and you can see the outline of her mom's face and her white eartag.

This is yet another reason why we need more diversity in the herd. It's awfully hard to shoot photos of cows when it's black on black.

Let Them Be Little said...

Too funny!

LeAnna said...

Found your blog from a cross between PW and a comment you left on a good pal of mines blog. My husband is "into" cows, though he hasn't fulfilled his dream of having more than a couple (we have a limo/angus bull with a gimp leg that we've bred to my parents cows.) but I cracked up laughing when I saw this thing about black cows, and black cows only. That's all my DH talks about! Black cows are the best, black cows make more money, black cows, black cows, black cows....blah blah blah...so I read him some of your blog posts and he just grinned.
Silly cow-loving-boys. ;)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

That red cow must be the "nanny" cow... see how all of the babies are laying in a circle around her?!?

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

You commented on my blog yesterday,so I'm gonna comment back. :) Your pictures cracked me up! It's funny how black cattle are so much more popular. We raise some angus cattle, but we mostly have crossbreds so we have alot of color too. Our horses on the other hand....well, let me just say that every horse on the whole ranch is sorrel.

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor red cow! :-( Love the piture of the two little ones standing together.. I love reading and looking at your site each day..


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