Saturday, March 22, 2008

What? He's Not Here?

It turns out they're listening after all.

This is what I found on my fridge tonight after having had a lengthy conversation with my kids concerning what to expect in their Easter baskets in the morning. We have never put the focus of the day on what is in the baskets, but I wanted them to be prepared for what they might not find there in the morning.


My six-year-old drew this after she cheerfully told me that it was okay if she didn't have anything in her basket because she's so happy that Jesus is risen. For those of you who are not crayon art experts, that's a tomb, and those are Biblical figures who are discovering the absence of Jesus' body. The tomb is a fantastic three-dimensional creation of construction paper and half a roll of Scotch tape. The whole works is held on to the background paper with an ample amount of Elmer's glue and some more Scotch tape, just in case. It would not be right if Jesus' tomb fell off the fridge door.

In my desire to keep tomorrow simple and focused, the Easter baskets are not overflowing this year.

But after seeing my fridge decoration tonight, my heart is.


Suz said...


Isn't it wonderful to know they are listening?

Enjoy your day!

jane said...

That's a keeper!

Treasia said...

I must say that's is worth being fridge art. Our baskets were not overflowing this year either.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to know that they are listening and picking up things all the time, that they are being taught.. I bet you were really touched by it.. I know I would have been! Tell her I think she did a really awesome picture..


Life with Spirit said...

Awwww, you just made me wish away about 4 years of my daughter's life for a picture like that. JK. Precious, worth framing and bringing out with Easter Decor every year. Of course I don't decorate for Easter...but its a great thought. HE IS RISEN!!!

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