Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Signs of Spring

Today I had a plan. It involved me, my house, and this:


I was ready to do some spring cleaning, even though I've always thought that spring cleaning was an ironic concept when you live on a farm. We tend to be in the corral a lot during this time of year, and the kids are doing a lot of this:


And since there are four pairs of those feet,


keeping up with the cleaning is easier said than done. I can clean the porch in the morning, and by mid-afternoon it is oozing with mud and manure again.

But there is something about these skies


that just impairs my ability to think clearly. It's spring. It's time to throw open the windows and enjoy the beauty that is springing up all around us. And once those windows are thrown open and that beautiful, clear sky lights up the inside of my house, I realize just how grimy everything is in here.

My goal today was to tackle some of the grime, but alas, my cleaning supplies remained idle.

After getting the kids ready for school and taking them to the bus, I went to the corral to let the cows out for the day. To say that they took their time would be an understatement. The
anonymous commenter who asked if our cows were "trained" to go in a certain spot was actually quite correct. Apparently our cows are trained to do their business in the corral. I swear that every cow had to take a potty break before ambling ever-so-slowly out the gate this morning, as if they knew I was in a hurry to accomplish my to-do list.

After separating a new mama and her calf from the rest of the group, I went back inside to begin my cleaning. I was delayed by my husband, who requested a haircut. Once that was accomplished and cleaned up, my feverish daughter needed some cuddling, and by the time I had cleaned the shower and made the bed, it was time to fix lunch.

The rest of the day was a blur of administering medication to my still-sick preschoolers, picking up the older kids at church school, stopping for some groceries, handling some paperwork, and keeping up with snacks, meals, and daily maintenance issues.

My cleaning supplies sit on the counter. We'll try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth! Seems to go like that all the time, when you have something you really want to get done!


farmnwife said...

Love muddy boots, except when they are going into the house! Here is my picture of a not-so-muddy boot.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the ranch wives from the breaks. As I type I am sure someone is bringing in more crap from the corrals. The entry way is full of dirty muck boots. I do love this time of year though I get to send the boys, ages 9,6,and 1, out to play and get some peace=)

Jennifer Darlington

Treasia said...

I stumbled upon your blog while reading comments on another one and wanted to say I found it to be a keeper. I have bookmarked it for future readings.

I grew up on a farm and still live very close to it and love reading about it from another's point of view.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

My gosh, does you family rent you out? (grins)

Andrea said...

My boys have "dirty boots". That is what they call them. Thank goodness for those. Even though my two year old still gets stuff on the inside of them!! Those are such lifesavers!!

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds a lot like my day! UGH! I had all these grand plans and they were once again foiled, although not by a cow, but the inlaws. (don't know which is worse....)

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