Sunday, March 2, 2008


My oldest two children have an interest in photography, and my youngest two children have an interest in the outdoors. Being the desperate clever parent that I am, I kicked them outside encouraged them to explore those interests a few days ago. The older children were armed with small digital cameras, and the younger two were armed with enough curiosity to make it a truly dangerous mission. I told them to take pictures for 45 minutes and then choose their favorite 10 to share with me.

The project, which was entirely engineered to garner me a half hour of peace and quiet, was a success. Not only did I enjoy a few seconds of peace and quiet in between the children's frequent interruptions to ask questions, use the bathroom, and track mud across the house, but I also gained a new perspective when I looked at their photography.

Despite the fact that one of the cameras had been used as a toy for several months before it inexplicably began functioning again, the pictures turned out quite well. Because I am a retired English teacher and can still find any excuse to encourage a kid to write, I assigned the older two kids a few pictures for which to produce descriptions. I'll share a few below. Please note: I resisted the urge to crop, enhance, or edit the following pictures and prose, even though the urge was very, very strong.


I like Blacky and Lou Lou becus. There so cute and silly all the time. Aspeshelly Lou Lou! She's my favet of all baybys! (Kid #2, age 6)


I like the back door. We use it all the time! Hey there's a reflcan in its window! (Kid #2, age 6)


Lou Lou's mittens are on the ground. I think she put them there on prpis! (Kid #2, age 6)


This is our root seller. It is pretty cool. Beware of snakes inside it. The dark could frighten people. It was dug out of sandstone. Come in if you dare. I like the front of the seller. (Kid #1, age 10)

Both kids took pictures of this plow, each from a very nice angle.



This steel plow has been up here for a long time. It is one of our historical things. It is on top of our root seller and in the tall grass. I like the plow. (Kid #1, age 10)

I'll share some of my favorite pictures from the project next time I'm too tired to come up with something original at a later date.


BoufMom9 said...

I think they took some wonderful shots! (obviously have mom's talents as well) Love the spelling in the captions! So hard to resist editing. heehee But, makes the pictures that much more endearing.

Jae said...

I LOVE the picture of the root cellar!
Cute commentary on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Very cute.. Love the pictures.. Tell the kiddo's they did a great job..


Jenni said...

That last plow picture shows great composition. It's a wonderful shot. I also like the root cellar. I'd love to see more photos of it. They both did a terrific job with this project!

Erin said...

I'll pass along the accolades! They had a great time with the project. . . in fact, they're eager to do it again.

I agree that the root cellar makes an interesting focal point. My oldest is taking photography in 4-H this year, so maybe he could do a study of the root cellar for one of his projects.

Life with Spirit said...

Wow, wow. As much as I love my life here in suburbia, where you live is breath taking. Not to mention the quaintness surrounding it that makes me think of my favorite books, Little House on the Prarie. I love your blog, ran across it when reading someone elses and have stopped by a few times. I think I may stop by more!

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