Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Praying for Rain

Last spring, we had so much moisture that we could barely make it into the fields to farm. The cows had grass to graze and water to drink. I was tired of mud.

This year, we're watching scenes of flooding on the TV. Our friends in Wisconsin have had somewhere near eight feet of snow this winter. It seems like the whole country has more moisture than the earth can hold.

But we are dry. We are dry enough that we're considering selling cows because the water in the pastures will be scarce. We're dry enough that the wind is blowing clouds of dirt across the fields. We're dry enough that it doesn't smell like spring out there; it smells like dust.

Because I am an optimist, I am confident that the jet stream will shift, the clouds will align, and by the time we move cows to summer pasture, it will look like this:




Besides, our four-year-old prayed for rain today, and I think that prayer was too cute for denial.


Anonymous said...

Praying you get all the rain you need!


Anonymous said...

I'd be more then happy to share some of the moisture we've had lately as would your friends in WI I'm sure. I'm SO sick of mud! They are calling for another 8" of snow here in West Central MN and the melting snow has no where to go but sit in the cattle & sheep yards, seep into the buildings and pool in the front yard. After last summer being dry I shouldn't be trying to give our moisture away but if you're willing to come pick it up I'm willing to share LOL. Hope Anna's prayer works!


Anonymous said...

Sorry the above should have read I hope Matthew's prayer is answered!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get what you need. I'd happily send you some of the snow we're expecting (again) the next couple days...

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