Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moody Montana

Before I show you these pictures, I will remind you that I'm not a photographer.

I'm a wife, a mom, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a cook, a maid, a personal servant, a cow checker, a chauffeur, a psychiatrist, a teacher, a physician's assistant, a cow midwife, a bookkeeper, a financial adviser, and a writer.

I have quite a bit of on the job training in all of the above occupations. My training in photography began when I was hired as an agriculture reporter for a small newspaper. My boss plunked a 35mm camera in my hands along with six rolls of film. My job was to goof around with the camera for a weekend, come back and develop my film, and learn from my mistakes.

Following that crash course, I had four babies. I thought they were pretty cute, so I took quite a few pictures of them. They're still kind of cute, and I still take quite a few pictures. Thousands, to be exact.

Lately, my camera has been pointed elsewhere. Every time I go out to check cows, it seems that Montana has put on another mood. March is quite a moody month for Montana; we experience 60 degrees one day and snow the next.

The clouds are fascinating. I thought you might agree.








Anonymous said...

I think you take great pictures.. I love stopping by everyday and seeing what you have to say and the photos that go along with it..


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Your pictures are great....love the last one! Your skies there are gorgeous.

Andrea said...

Oh i wish i could live in Montana!! The landscaping is beautiful!! Wonderful pictures!!

Brother in Christ said...

Ahh.....the "Moods of Montana"!! Very interesting how the changes in weather behavior can be compared to the changes in human behavior. Seeing the gorgeous skies in your pictures reminds me to give thanks the the Lord for providing such beauty for you to photograph.


jane said...

... are too a photographer! Really really pretty pictures.

Jenni said...

I like that wagon wheel picture!

So, Montana is like Kansas except with hills and mountains and a few more trees? I thought Kansas was the only place on earth that could have such moody weather.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you're recommending the book 10 things (about children with Autism). I read this when our eldest son was diagnosed with Aspergers; are any of your children on the spectrum? If so what are your best at home resources, being so far from town? I really enjoy your blog; your family stories & life perspective are so refreshingly honest. Thank you for sharing! ~C

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