Friday, March 7, 2008

Images of My Day

If I had to choose one image to characterize my day, this would be it.

The kids have been sick for an eternity for the past week. My oldest daughter has had a fever for seven straight days. Consequently, there is not much activity among the youngsters these days.


Outside is a different story. When I went out to check the cows this evening, I was surprised to find the girls fighting.


They were really mixing it up. As a rule, cows are fairly docile, but every now and then they pick a fight to establish leadership in the herd.


Sometimes they start to act like bulls.


That usually means that someone in the herd is in heat. That's a bad sign when we're in the midst of calving. It means that a cow has miscarried a calf and is now cycling again.


These guys were a bit more peaceful tonight. The posed without even being asked.


On my way back in, I was treated to another peaceful scene. It definitely calms the soul. It was good medicine for a mom who has wiped too many noses and taken too many temperatures today.


LAA and Family said...

Hello, I saw your comment on "The Joy of Autism" blog. Like you, I used to feel very alone in my views of autism as well. I'm definitely not fighting it, just trying to live with it and raise my son, and all my kids, properly. I have found lots of support in blogging!

What great photos on your blog. It looks like beautiful country where you live.

I hope your children are feeling better!

kristi said...

Beautiful photos. I found you thru Big White Hat.

Also, I totally agree with you on your viewpoint on autism, my son has mild autism.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always Erin.. Loved the picture of the horses and of course the one of Miss Emma..


Life with Spirit said...

Great pics! your little girl looks so sweet though. I love her cow jammies!

Colleen said...

I noticed the cute cow jammies right away, too! ;-) And the sweet girl, of course!

BoufMom9 said...

Your photos always amaze me. Just gorgeous!
PS Sorry the kids have been sick, Here too! 6 down, 3 to go here. UGH!

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