Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Farm Wives are Easily Amused

As I've mentioned, I don't get out much.

I've also mentioned that we live a fair distance away from civilization.

Add to that the fact that I have four young children and lack a nanny and a maid, and you will realize that I'm a bit hard up for entertainment. I suppose that's why I found this funny.


You see, I washed my husband's Carhartts yesterday. He had thoughtfully rinsed them out in the utility sink so that my washer would be spared the manure, mud, and cow afterbirth that were caked onto them. I threw them in the washer and then transferred them to the dryer. I noticed some straw that remained in the washer, so I vacuumed that out. I visited with another ranch wife today and discovered that I'm not the only woman in the world who has ever had to vacuum out the washing machine. But I digress.

After I opened up the dryer this morning and hung the bibs up on the hook, I instinctively removed the lint screen to clean it before the next load. My feet were instantly showered with bits of straw. And there, stuck to the middle of the screen, was a rubber ring. It was one of those moments when I realize that only a country wife would have such an experience. My mother probably saw these quite frequently in her washer and dryer. We used them to dock the tails of our lambs. Here in cattle country, they have another purpose. Because I am so generous, I'm sharing my laugh of the day with those of you who will never have to find the tools of calf elastration in your lint screen.


You're welcome.

By the way, Thursday will be Q&A day. I already have a fair collection of questions, but if you have something you'd like to ask me, this is your chance! Just click on "Comments" below to post your question.


Anonymous said...

Erin-I love the picture of the RED tractor with the chicken on top. You've never mentioned chickens before~what kind do you have?


farmnwife said...

Came across your site this morning. Wanted to say "Hey"! We have a lot in common. We farm and have cattle also. My three kids have a cattle blog Will check in on ya now and again.


jane said...

What is that, a Froot Loop?

Brother in Christ said...

Hey Erin!! I do have a question, but not for you. I was wondering, does Shane liked the song "International Harvester"?
Just curious.


Dad said...

I think maybe next time we'd better
take in a comedy show-something
with some witty banter,perhaps.

Ibleedgreen said...

I also like the picture of the chicken using the RED tractor for a roost! RD

Colleen said...

"What is that, a Froot Loop?" ... hahahaha ROFL!

My question is, when are you going to let Riley have a Riley-blog? I think it would be a marvelous idea, and I would be his number one reader and fan. (Now, that would be comic relief for my day! ;o)

Dad said...

OK, question--in your photo from the backyard on 2-23 the mtns seem close, but the air must have been really clear. How far away are they?

Colleen said...

PS - Ah yes, the chickens! Tell us all about the chickens!

(hee hee)

Anonymous said...

When you were growing up, did you live on a farm too? What type of animals and crops did your parents have/grow?


Paintsmh said...

We were just using those the other day. Though I know none of them made it into the washing machine. Momma would kill us!

Andrea said...

Wow that is crazy!! I have never vacuumed out my washer but I did vacuum out my tub today!! I don't know how they get so dirty!! Men! I love the fruit loop in there too! Was that a snack he had in his pocket? LOL!! Great Pics!!

Anonymous said...

I actually knew what the green ring was! When I was growing up we raised sheep too. We called those green rings elasticators and we used them both to dock tails of all the lambs and castrate the males.

Anonymous said...

LOL! My dryer vent has actually looked like that. We use those green bands on the goats here. Sometimes on horns, sometimes for the other purposes. And I've vacuumed out the washer too.. Have you ever hung jeans on the line and found baler twine still shoved in them? I guess better there then tangles in the washers mechanisms... :-)

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