Sunday, March 9, 2008

Country Kids' Playground

My kids have many unique opportunities as country kids.

They see nature's beauty in ways that city kids could never imagine. They witness births, deaths, changing seasons, and brilliant nighttime skies. The see the cycle of crops from planting to harvest.

However, they are denied some of the amenities of city kids. Their Saturdays are not filled with ballet lessons and soccer practice. We do not go to the park for an afternoon picnic, and they don't have access to fancy playground equipment.

As a result, they make do with what they have in their backyard. Who needs climbing equipment at the park when you have a perfectly good manure pile in the corral?


It was a race to the top.


This particular child has an aversion to getting his hands dirty, so his speed was hampered by his coat sleeves covering his fingers.


She crowned herself queen of the manure pile.


It was a mighty accomplishment.


Eventually, the siblings arrived.


Even the little one.


This probably won't be my choice for next year's Christmas card photo. Some people just wouldn't understand.


When we returned to the house, the little one discovered that her pants were muddy. She's at that age of frequent wardrobe changes because she has just learned the art of dressing herself. Since it is still a bit of a challenge, she has to practice several times a day. She usually finds a seat when she's trying to put on her pants. This time, her seat didn't work out quite so well. It's hard to put on a pair of jeans when you're sinking into a basket. You try it.


Ah, success! She found her toes.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they had alot of fun.. Had to laugh at the little one trying to put her pants on, while in the basket!


Anonymous said...

How did you get such a big pile of manure? Are your cows trained?

Anonymous said...

How did you get such a big pile of manure? Are your cows trained?

Jane said...

Again I get to start my day with a smile...and, I gotta agree...while we have access and have tried the various paid-for activites, I much prefer my kids getting out there and enjoying nature. They seem to hold onto those memories longer.

Jen said...

What a cute pic of Lou Lou putting on her pants LOL. Sutton is just learning the art of dressing thanks for putting it in perspective that her many wardrobe changes are just her practicing her art....although that doesn't make the laundry any smaller.

When we got our new manure spreader Mike wanted our Christmas card to be of the kids loading it by hand with pitchforks *staged of course LOL*. There are many pics that I think are cute or show who my kids actually are but like you said some of the recipients just wouldn't understand LOL.

Thanks for the smile this morning. BTW Matthew reminds me a lot of Kade....same carhartt type coat and same John Deere cap and no gloves.

Brother in Christ said...

Yes Erin.......are your cows trained???? Now that's funny!! LOL or ROFL or whatever!!

That gives me an idea. You should get the cows trained to moo at the gate when they have to go and you could then let them out to spread their own manure on the stubble!!

Ahh, but what would the kids play on then??

Andrea said...

That is one serious manure pile!! Holy Cow!! I think that that would make a great Christmas card picture!! That would be fun!! It kinda doesn't look like manure, more like a bunch of dirt and hay!! I bet it smells a bit different!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog! Your family and lifestyle remind me so much of mine when our kids were younger.

BoufMom9 said...

so cute!
Very inventive of the kids to make "do" with a pile of "do". LOL

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