Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Q & A

I promised answers tonight, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the difficulty of the questions. I’ll give it a shot, though.

“Your pictures are just GORGEOUS! What brand camera do you use to get such perfect close-ups? LOVE them!”

Why, thank you. I am by no means a professional. I use a Sony DSC-H7 and tweak the settings a bit. I would love a digital SLR, but two factors are holding me back: the price tag and the fact that it would not fit in my diaper bag nearly as well as my point-and-shoot.

“By the way, I looked really, really hard and I couldn't see any dirty floor in the background of that photo.”

Well, bless your heart. We’re starting to calve now, so the next time you see a picture of my floor, it will be easier to capture the dirt, scum, and manure in the photo.

“Keen to see your farm etc.”

I was keen to see it today, too. This is what it looked like when we were bringing our kids home from school early due to a ground blizzard.


When the weather clears a bit, I’ll be happy to oblige.

“I wanted to know just how far away are you from a major town, that have any major stores in it?”

If by “major stores” you mean something along the lines of Nordstrom, we would have to travel out of state. If you consider WalMart to be a major store, we live about 150 miles away. I like to shop at Costco, which is 170 miles away. Our speed limit is 70 mph and our traffic is sparse, so that distance takes just about three hours to travel. Given the fact that I have four kids 10 and under, those trips are few and far between at this point.

In between Costco trips, I keep stocked on groceries at the nearest grocery chain store, which is 50 miles away in a town of about 6,000 people.

“Also around how many people live in your town?”

My husband’s hometown, where our kids go to school, has a population of about 150. The kids each have six or eight kids in their grade. The paved highway ends in our town, and we live 6.5 miles beyond that point. Our nearest neighbors are about 2 miles away.

“Hmmmm...questions...Who is your favorite author?”

Jane Austen

“What do you like to watch on TV?”

Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets. . . Oh, wait, the question was what do you LIKE to watch on TV. That’s difficult to answer. I used to watch a few shows, but I have just lost interest in TV. I really miss “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

“Why the bad feelings about V-Day? It's one of my favorites - a "no-guilt" happy holiday!”

Maybe it’s because my older sister always received fancier cards than I did, and I have repressed those dismal childhood memories until now, when I will unleash the outpouring of hostility caused by inhalation of too much Aqua Net and the ramifications of sharing a bed with someone who drew an imaginary line down the covers and made me shiver alone on the sliver of bed I was delegated.

Or maybe it’s just that the heartsy-flowery-lacey-lovey stuff just isn’t my thing. I like the chocolate, though.

“If you could spend a few hours with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”

I think it would be much more interesting to spend the time with a live person, don’t you? The conversation would be a little less one-sided.

In any case, I guess I would really like to spend some time with someone in a position of power with the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy. I would like to ask them how they have formed their views, why they have chosen this path in life, and how they expect the United States to flourish when they want to turn productive agricultural land into the wild kingdom and depend upon foreign nations for food. You know, simple questions like that.

“Do you can the things you grow so that you can live off the land the year through?”

Our primary crops are wheat, barley, alfalfa, and cattle.


We do retain some wheat that we burn in a pellet stove to heat our house, and we keep some barley and hay to feed our livestock, but the rest of our crops are sold. I have a small garden in the summer, but our water is so bad here that I cannot irrigate it. I’m not able to raise enough produce to can much. I do can apples (sometime I’ll share my apple butter recipe). I also grow enough corn to freeze some. I usually have enough tomatoes to last well into the fall, but I don’t can them. I just wrap them in newspaper and store them in the dark. I freeze some zucchini, but we eat the rest of the produce straight out of the garden. Once it gets hot in July, most of the plants don’t produce much anymore.

“Awesome pictures! But there seems to be something missing. Didn't you say you had 4 children? ... (Seems to be one missing!)”

Here are all of my little lovelies in a heartsy frame just for you Valentine’s Day loving readers.


The oldest child avoids most of the photo ops because he’s too big to play in the toilet, too busy with homework to play in the snow, and too busy playing Wii to help make cinnamon rolls.

“My farmer husband and I usually don't do much of anything for Valentine's Day, either. I usually just toss him a Valentine pack of Snickers bars and he thinks that I should just be blessed with his presence. : ) But, what should I do for him if I *suspect* that he has actually done something for me this Valentine's Day?”

Make him some of these. They were so good my four-year-old actually cried when they were gone.


“And I'm wondering as I see the mixer on your counter .... where is your coffee pot???”

For those of you who may not be familiar with the coffee pot saga, you can read about it here.


BoufMom9 said...

Great answers. Loved learning a bit more about you and must add that I am incredibly jealous of your life-style. I would LOVE to slow down the pace quite a bit and get the heck out of this stinkin' town where all everyone is concerned about it money... Don't know what happened, but family rarely matters in NJ anymore. :(
PS LOVE Jane Austin! Been reading Pride & prejudice AGAIN this past week. I say I'm not a romantic...LOL

Anonymous said...

"...the ramifications of sharing a bed with someone who drew an imaginary line down the covers and made me shiver alone on the sliver of bed I was delegated."

WHAT?? You were *maybe* 43 pounds. How much bed did you need???

LOL ;o)

(big sis)

Joyce said...

I have come to visit from Frazzed Farm Wife. I am a farm wife from Northwest Indiana. I love visiting with other farmers from around the United States. It was nice to learn a little about you. I congratulate you on living out in the middle of no where and loving each and evey day. I see by a picture that your main crop is wheat.

Love and Hugs,
Joyce of Creation In Progress

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