Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a Horse, of Course

Kudos to all the brave souls who took a shot at the mystery photo.

That snout belongs to a very nosy horse.


The pink spot, as you can see, is not actually a nostril. It's the skin between the nostrils.


The photos came about when I was attempting to take a picture of our two horses together. If you look very closely, you can see the other horse in a few of the pictures.


However, the particularly nosy horse kept nosing his way into my lens.


This is the younger of the two horses. He's a five-or-so-year-old paint gelding that we bought last year.

His name is the source of marital discord. He came to us with a Spanish name . . . El Something or Other. . . and we clearly had to change it. We speak English at this house. My husband decided that the name must begin with "El" so he would not be confused during his training. I came up with several possibilities: Elvin, Elliot, Elgin, or Ellery would have sufficed.

My husband chose Elvis.

So I guess it's appropriate that this horse always wants to be on center stage.

I call him "that horse."

The good other horse, Skip, can be seen in the background here.


But the attention hog doesn't let the camera have a clear view for very long.


So here's a picture of Skip that I dug out from the archives. He's a good, steady, solid horse that I don't hesitate to trust with my kids. He might not be flashy, but he's responsible.

Maybe that's why we get along so well; we're kindred spirits.


"That horse" isn't so bad, either. It's just hard to live up to Skip's example.


Jen said...

Erin, Skip looks a bit like our mare Shandabars "Shanda B" for short. She's about 26 years old and each one of the kids have learned to ride on her. She's not flashy but for 26 she sure is quick LOL. Two of the other 3 horses have their favorite kid Scout=Bekka, Skipper=Kade and right now Haak has claimed Shanda B. Ben, well he's just a mooch right now LOL. Maybe with the "baby" turning 2 this year I can get back to riding and I can claim Ben...that is if I can pry Bekka out of MY saddle which in turn means she needs to kick Haak out of hers which in turn means we need to buy Haak a new saddle because he doesn't fit in the small one Kade uses any more...Uff-Da! Plus if I'm doing more riding that means I need to find a spot on my horse for Sutton to sit. Maybe I'll let Ben be a mooch for another year or until we can find Sutton her own horse LOL. Elvis *can't print that without laughing* is a very handsome horse! Thanks for sharing!

Paintsmh said...

What a beautiful pair!!! I love Paints. And Skip looks just like a friend of mines mare Sarah. She was the first horse I ever showed, lead line at age 5. Sometimes not as flashy horses are the very best!!

Around The Funny Farm said...

LOVE your photos!

From one horse lover to another!

:-) Beth

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