Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm a Valentine's Day Scrooge

This week is not, I admit, my favorite week of the year.

I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. Really, who is? It's a day full of disappointments. Even elementary school kids know that. Someone doesn't get a Valentine from someone else; someone gets candy and someone else doesn't; or one girl gets three heart stickers on the front of her envelope and her best friend only gets one. Honestly, no good can come of it.

The angst involved continues throughout the generations. While grocery shopping yesterday, I went through the holiday aisle to pick up a package of suckers to take to the preschool play group that meets tomorrow. I could barely fit my shopping cart through the aisle because it was lined with guys searching in vain for the perfect card for their wives. They looked like fish out of water, the poor souls. They knew they were doomed; just like in elementary school, someone will undoubtedly end up disappointed.

My husband and I avoid such a scene. We agreed when we were dating that Valentine's Day would not be observed in this relationship. It works for us. We choose to exhibit our affection for one another in more subtle ways. I wash his cow manure-laden pants; he changes the oil in my vehicle.

The children in the family, however, cannot escape the societal expectation to "do" Valentine's Day. There are parties at school that involve treats and cards and stickers. So, last weekend, I dutifully procured the Valentines that I had bought for each of the four children to distribute to their closest friends, classmates, and relatives. And somewhere around 150 cards and a lot of whining later, I was they were finished with the project. My six-year-old daughter, who much to my dismay is a girly-girl, insisted on creating 12 beaded bracelets to accompany her heartsy-horse Valentines. I'm hoping that her career aspirations will steer her clear of jewelry making, but she was proud of the results.


While I was tying off the elastic bands of each tiny little bracelet, my two-year-old was potty training herself. She was apparently bored of the whole potty scene, so she spiced it up a little with half a box of Kleenex and some bath toys.


Someday my kids will be grown, and I will no longer be forced to write out supervise while my kids write out Valentine's Day cards, and (although I can hardly believe this will ever be true) they will all take care of their bathroom duties independently. They tell me I will miss this stage. Could it be true?

Tomorrow evening I'll be answering your questions, so if you have any to add to my list, ask away!


Anonymous said...

Love your site, the pictures and your stories are great. You have a great way with words.

I wanted to know just how far away are you from a major town, that have any major stores in it? Also around how many people live in your town?


ohfarmmom said...

Love your Blog, Erin!

My farmer husband and I usually don't do much of anything for Valentine's Day, either. I usually just toss him a Valentine pack of Snickers bars and he thinks that I should just be blessed with his presence. : ) But, what should I do for him if I *suspect* that he has actually done something for me this Valentine's Day?


kymom said...
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kymom said...

This is such a great site, Erin! I bought both my hubby and son a box of chocolates and a card each. My gift from my son is the pleasure of making his whole class a batch of decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies for their party tomorrow (that is, if they have school).

~ j

jane said...

That delete may have been me...I got called away...

I got DH 2 cards for Valentine's Day..that's 2 more than normal. Not expecting anything in return.

Luv your site, very professional, and great family pix.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! But there seems to be something missing. Didn't you say you had 4 children? ... (Seems to be one missing!)

Who is your favorite author?
What do you like to watch on TV?
Why the bad feelings about V-Day? It's one of my favorites - a "no-guilt" happy holiday!
If you could spend a few hours with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Looking forward to reading more ... keep it coming!


BoufMom9 said...

I hate Valentine's too! We purposedly got married on the 24th so that we can just skip Valentine's and just celebrate our wedding anniversary.
My question...

Do you can the things you grow so that you can live off the land the year through?

Anonymous said...

Love your articles in Prarie Star. Just found this website. With all this free stuff why should we buy your book? Actually we already bought one as our daughter lives in Nebraska and doesn't get the magazine. She will identify with you as her husband is a farmer and she is expecting her 4th child. The oldest is 4. Don't know if your book will make her laugh or cry.

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