Sunday, February 17, 2008

4-H Frenzy

Today we hosted our first 4-H event. We entered 4-H with some trepidation (you can read about that here). Our hesitation transformed into utter panic after the 4-H elected officers. This is our 4-H club president.


Look familiar? Yeah, he looks familiar to me, too. I've known him for about 10 1/2 years, and the fact that he's in charge of the organization caused me a few anxious moments at first. Then I realized that it could be worse; he could have been elected treasurer. Besides, as the oldest child, he's bossy by nature, and he definitely knows how to delegate responsibility.

Today's task was to make a sign listing all the people who live on our county road and how far away from town they live. Our first step was to gather round and see if any of us could spell.


We put the best speller to work arranging the stencils while the dads all tried out the new toy router that was purchased for this little project. I was busy keeping the toddler well stocked with cookies. I guess I did a pretty good job with that.


The queen of the world youngest child present requested a chauffeur during her hard afternoon of eating cookies and skipping her nap. Luckily, one of the gazillion kids running around the shop was happy to oblige.


Meanwhile, we actually got some work out of some of the children. This one painted.


This one was on the clean-up crew.


And right about now, we're all so tired that this nice bed of sawdust looks quite inviting.



BoufMom9 said...

Looks like fun! We used to do 4H with our girls, before they got boy crazy...UGH! LOVED it though. So much fun & great community.
Loved your pics as always.

lee said...

we like the choice of president, we would vote for him, maybe politics is his calling

AimeeElizabeth said...

ahhh the frenzy of 4-H! I did 4-H every year until the end of high school. A lot of fun...and a lot of work! My oldest still has a couple years (thank goodness) until she can be in 4-H. After she showed in a pee-wee show, she informed me that she is going to show horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. YIKES! Well, at least I've had lots of 4-H practice, first with myself, then with younger siblings, and now younger cousins. Good luck...I'm sure the new club president will do a great job! :)


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